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  • GTA Online's After Hours update lands 24th July 19.7.2018
    Rockstar has slapped a release date on nightclub-themed GTA Online update After Hours - 24th July, or as it's known to friends, next Tuesday. Look, here's a trailer.The latest in a long line of free content drops for an online world that may yet outlive us all, After Hours lets GTA Online players set up […]
  • Next Overwatch update brings Brigitte's reign of terror to an end 19.7.2018
    Years of playing hero-based multiplayer games have taught me one thing: if I am having fun with a character that is probably because s/he is overpowered, because I am too rubbish to play characters who are properly balanced. This appears to be the case with Brigitte, the Overwatch healer-tank knight errant whose prowess with a […]
  • Doom-haunted Call of Cthulhu game finally gets a release date 19.7.2018
    If you're partial to mountains of madness or things on doorsteps, this is your year. Cyanide's Call of Cthulhu adaptation will release on 30th October for PC, Xbox One and PS4, publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced.Charmingly subtitled "The Official Video Game", the adaptation has had a rough time in development - it began life […]
  • Guerrilla Games wants to release games faster 19.7.2018
    Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games has announced that it is moving to new headquarters as part of a dramatic planned staff expansion that will allow it to release games faster.As reported in Parool.nl, the developer will lease five floors of the former De Telegraaf newspaper building in the centre of Amsterdam from the beginning […]
  • The Game Accessibility Conference arrives in Paris this October 18.7.2018
    The Game Accessibility Conference will take place in Paris on the 22nd of October this year. The one-day event is dedicated to making games more accessible to players with disabilities. GAConf promises to cover everything from indie to triple-A development, from academia to accessibility specialists. Its goal, according to the press release, is to "ensure […]
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