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  • On tapahtunut virhe; syötteen palvelin ei luultavasti vastaa. Yritä myöhemmin uudestaan.

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  • Gone Home moves to Nintendo Switch next week 15.8.2018
    Gone Home is the latest indie game port due for release on Nintendo Switch, publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced. The narrative adventure is out soon, too - next Thursday, 23rd August.First released back in 2013 on PC and later for consoles, Gone Home is a engrossing tale with a spooky house setting. As a 21-year-old […]
  • The battle with FIFA was lost long ago, but PES soldiers on 15.8.2018
    My cab driver is a fiery, sunburst-haired Celtic fan who has plenty to say about the current state of Scottish football.As we drive from Glasgow airport to Celtic Park to play PES 2019, the latest version of Konami's long-running football video game series, he mentions a player who arrived to play in the Scottish league […]
  • Fortnite update finally adds heavy sniper, brings back Sniper Shootout 15.8.2018
    The latest Fortnite update has dropped, and this time, it's all about skilful long-distance shooting. Not good news for me, then. In the notes for update v5.21, Epic finally announced it's added the heavy sniper rifle, which was originally discovered by dataminers on StormshieldOne several weeks ago. The weapon deals a high amount of damage […]
  • Pre-orders on that limited translucent PS4 Pro are live now 15.8.2018
    Update 10:02AM: As of right now, the last batch of limited 500 Million PS4 Pro consoles is up for pre-order at Amazon UK. I give it five minutes before selling out, so get in there quick.Update 3:55PM: PlayStation UK's Twitter account has now confirmed that, due to Amazon UK having a technical error when setting […]
  • TimeSplitters has a new owner, and plans are afoot 15.8.2018
    Beloved British shooter series TimeSplitters has been bought by Koch Media, and it sounds like something is in the works.TimeSplitters was created by the Nottingham-based Free Radical Design back in 2000 by many of the team behind the legendary Goldeneye. It spawned two sequels - the best of which was TimeSplitters 2 - but the […]
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