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  • Epic is making Fortnite's cross-platform tools available to all developers for free 12.12.2018
    Epic has announced that it will making its suite of cross-platform tools, originally created for Fortnite, free for use by all developers, starting next year.The idea, as you might imagine, is to make cross-platform integration - something Epic has been instrumental in encouraging among platform holders, thanks to the phenomenal success of Fortnite - as […]
  • Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer mode Comrades goes standalone from today 12.12.2018
    Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer expansion, known as Comrades, will finally get its previously announced standalone release today, December 12th, in the US, and tomorrow in the UK.Comrades, which originally launched at the tail-end of last year, unfolds six months after the concluding events of the main game. Players take on […]
  • PUBG on PlayStation 4: a basic, rough around the edges port 12.12.2018
    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is back with a new console port, finally arriving on PlayStation 4 a full 12 months after its debut as a timed-exclusive for Xbox One (where the title has transitioned to Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service). Available for £24.99/$29.99, we went into this one wondering whether the PUBG Corporation has managed to resolve […]
  • Make a killing with Hitman 2 for under £20 12.12.2018
    Update: Argos removed the discount on Hitman 2 specifically on Xbox One, putting it back to full price this afternoon. However, some people have had success in reducing it back down to £19.99 in their trolley - so it's worth putting it in your basket to see if you can nab that deal! The next […]
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's latest update is superb 12.12.2018
    Yesterday, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 received a substantial update to all platforms, the latest season started on the PlayStation 4 version, and Activision released the game's first premium DLC after it leaked the day before.I've been playing Black Ops 4 with all of this enabled, and it's a superb update. The patch makes […]
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